Drew Savage is one of the main characters in the series, Revenge. He is the acting lead of the crew and is the oldest of them all. He is portrayed by Ryan Guzman.


Drew is very protective of his crew, acting as though he is the older brother to everyone. He cares for all of them equally and their safety is what is important to him. He comes off very tough for some people, as he has a bad boy look with a built body. Considered one of the popular guys in the campus, he gets a lot of attention from the girls. He lets his emotions take over him at most times, and his crew is what stops him from doing anything stupid.

Drew feels responsible for everyone in the crew and believes that he should be the one making the decision, although he often takes in personal opinions from others. When not being hunted by Anonymous and busy protecting him and his crew, he enjoys playing football with his buddies. He is considered a valuable asset to the team with his skill and strength. This characteristics is what he uses to his advantage in keeping everyone safe and advancing to find out who Anonymous is.