The Finals Performance of the first season of ASM Network's Ultimate Performer, premiered on November 21, 2015, with a total of 16.52 million US viewers. It is the first day of season 1's finale and grand finals, with finalists Sam Concepcion, Heather Morris, Alex Gonzaga and Cody Christian


Sam Concepcion
Heather Morris
Alex Gonzaga
Cody Christian

Week Mechanics

During The Finals performance, each players will only perform a solo song each, while being challenged by the ultimate distractions. At the announcement of hosts Kenny Wormald and Akiko Solon, text voting will be opened. The text votes percentage will determine who the Ultimate Performer is which will be announced during the Finals Results the next day. The Finals will also consist of performance from the four judges, including other musical guests. Just like the Semi-Finals, the Finals will take place in the backlot of Fanfic Studios using a specially built stage and set for the judges and audiences.

Featured Distractions

This is a list of distractions that appeared on the episode (Arranged in alphabetical order):

  • Cross The Bridge (New) - The players has to perform while crossing a narrow platform high up in the air, secured by a harness attached to a crane. When the player falls off the platform, he or she will be pulled back up and be required to cross the bridge.
  • Pro Passenger (New) - The player, while performing, will be a passenger to a professional race car driver and drifter, who will drive around the backlot, doing dangerous but practiced stunts like jumping across two roofs or even drifting around other cars or buildings missing it by an inch.


Musical Performances

  • Jessie J ("Masterpiece")
  • Usher ("She Came to Give it To You")
  • Kristin Chenoweth ("Maybe This Time")
  • Luke Bryan ("Strip It Down")
  • 5 Seconds of Summer ("Hey Everybody!")
  • Gwen Stefanie ("Used to Love You")

Weekly Theme

  • The Best of 2015
Contestant(s) Song Distraction(s)
Finals Performance
Sam Concepcion "Can't Feel My Face" Cross The Bridge
Heather Morris "Love Me Like You Do" Pro Passenger
Alex Gonzaga "Hello" Cross The Bridge
Cody Christian "Marvin Gaye" Pro Passenger