The Finals Results of the first season of ASM Network's Ultimate Performer, premiered on November 22, 2015, with a total of 16.58 million US viewers. The episode is the show's season 1 finale, with Cody Christian winning the Ultimate Performer title, as well as $200,000.

Text Votes Percentage

Color Key

  •      - Ultimate Performer
  •      - 1st Runner Up
Contestant Text Votes Place
Sam Concepcion 22.51% 4th
Heather Morris 26.24% 2nd
Alex Gonzaga 23.76% 3rd
Cody Christian 27.49% 1st

Week Mechanics

During the Finals Results, the players will not perform with any distractions, but will perform a musical performance. It will be followed by a group performance of the ten finalists, and other performances by musical guests. Their places are determined by the total percentage of text votes received from their performances from the previous night. The 3rd runner up will be first announced, followed by the 2nd runner up. The 1st runner up will be the last to be announced, with the remaining player as the ultimate performer. The players will be inside a green room while the winners are announced, and the ultimate performer will enter the stage through a rising trapdoor on the stage where he or she will perform one last song.


Musical Performances

  • Group Performances: Sam Concepcion, Becca Tobin, Ross Lynch, Alexandra Burke, Garrett Clayton, Heather Morris, Diego Boneta, Alex Gonzaga, Max Schneider and Cody Christian. ("Lean On")
  • One Driection ("Perfect")
  • Selena Gomez ("Same Old Love")
  • Jennifer Lopez ("Feel The Light")
  • Jessie J, Usher, Kristin Chenoweth and Luke Bryan ("Downtown")

Winning Performance

  • Cody Christian ("Stitches")