Gage Gray is an American high school football player. He is one of the four original talents of Star Quest and is known for his upcoming role in the film, The Guardians.

Early Life

Gage Gray comes from Utah and moved to California. He is a football player in his high school football team and is Disney Channel star Mollee Gray's younger brother. Gray has one other sibling younger than him. One of Gray's talent is singing.


Gage Gray was one of the four original talents of Star Quest. His involvement in Star Quest got him the role of Max Pierre in the upcoming film The Guardians. Gray's singing talent was what got him in Star Quest. On June 2014, there were plans to star Gray as a regular cast in Fanfic Channel's A High School Rockstar but his involvement with the Wonder Cinematic Universe prevents him from doing so. Instead, he, along with Bethany Mota, have a guest starring role in the coming episodes. Gray has also signed on to Wonder Studios for a six picture deal, but extended his contract to a twelve picture deal. Wonder stated that Gray will have an important role in the WCU and has appearances in two other films in Phase 1. However, they mentioned that one of his appearances is not a major role.

On October 2014, Gray met with producers of the WCU to discuss a possibility for a solo film of the character Max Roden. President and producer Aaron Moon is leaning towards the possibility and plans to further extend his contract to a fifteen-picture deal. Gray has also been announced the ambassador and face of The Fanfic Company along with two others.