How to be a Foster Parent is the first episode of Season 1 and premiere episode of How to be a Parent. It aired on September 14, 2015 on ASM Network, garnering a total of 8.43 million US viewers.


Nicholas finds Duncan outside his apartment in the middle of the night, only to find out that Duncan ran away from the orphan he was staying at after his parents died a few weeks before.

Episode Story Arcs

  • Nicholas finally finishes his paper for his biology class, towards his nursing degree, only to be disturbed in the middle of the night by a knock on the door. He finds Duncan outside his door who he has not seen for a long time and hears his story, deciding to let him stay for one night. he ends up letting him stay permanently after failing to try and bring him back to the orphanage or look for other relatives.
  • Duncan's parents died a few weeks back and is sent to an orphanage after they couldn't find any close relatives to take him, so he escapes to Nicholas' place. He meets Irene who was helping Nicholas with his paper. He ends up staying at Nicholas permanently after convincing him.
  • Irene helps Duncan convince Nicholas after she sees how hard Duncan's life is after his parents died.
  • Albie and Fiona meets Duncan in the episode, where Fiona likes him at first but ends up being annoyed by him after Duncan breaks her vase. Albie immediately takes a liking to Duncan and becomes almost his best friend, taking him out to eat and showing him around.


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