Kenny Leu (born on June 6, 1985) is a Taiwanese born American actor, known for his guesting roles in The Player, NCIS and Scream: The TV Series.

Life and Career

Kenny was born in Taiwan but raised in Union City, a suburb just outside of San Francisco. He fell in love with acting at a young age, when he realized that since he can't become president (being foreign-born and all), he'll become an actor instead.

Kenny is cast primarily as a leading man, and has been able to work on a variety of exciting projects. Among his adventures, he has had katana showdowns with Jeffrey Combs (of The Reanimator, The Frighteners), been choked to death by Dante Basco (of Hook, Avatar: The Last Airbender), and battled Mark Andrews (also known as the Director of Pixar's Brave). Another film of his premiered at Cannes, where he stars as a mid-level gangster attempting a coup. The same film netted him a nomination for Best Actor at the International Campus MovieFest awards, held in Las Vegas in 2010. His latest lead role, in a film titled Love Hurts, premiered at an AMC Theater in Times Square, New York as a part of the Urban Action Showcase Film Festival where it won "Best Picture". He is also a very successful commercial actor and has appeared in more than 40 projects for clients like Intel, Target, Cisco and Safeway.

A man of many interests, Kenny went to UC Berkeley as a Mechanical Engineer, but taught himself to be a web developer as soon as he graduated. He would later help to found a legal services startup that was eventually acquired by a company in Silicon Valley. Kenny trained heavily in Wushu (Chinese martial arts) for many years, and had the honor of representing the United States in competitions around the globe, from 2010 to 2012. He trained at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and is represented by the STARS Agency of San Francisco.