Last Man Standing is a suspense, serial drama series which premiered on September 3, 2015 on ASM Network. The series was first announced during the Fanfic Expo 2015, along with other ASM series to debut during the Fall 2015-2016 season. ASM Network ordered 16 episodes for the first season.

The series officially premiered with a total of 12.43 million US viewers. On November 16, 2015, ASM Network picked up Last Man Standing for a full season of 24 episodes.


Last Man Standing tells the story of 100 people from across the country who mysteriously disappeared from their homes and their lives and found themselves trapped inside a town built under an arcological dome. The only way for them to escape the dome is to be the only person left alive. They are left to struggle for survival while others work together to escape the dome and find out the truth behind the inhumane game.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast