Laugh Productions is an american production company owned by The Fanfic Network which produces live-action sitcoms on Fanfic Channel.

The company has produced shows, most notably A High School Rockstar, Rising Stars, and Spy Teens. Most of its shows have been shot at a soundstage studio, except for seasons 4 and 5 of A High School Rockstar/University Rockstars.


Laugh Productions was founded on December 2011 by Aaron Moon and James Murdoch. It first produced Moon's series, A High School Rockstar. After its success, Laugh Productions went on to produce many sitcoms following the series, as well as original films from Fanfic Channel.

Laugh Productions went through many changes, particularly in its logo. It first featured a logo that was catchy to the eye, including shapes for the letters. It was then replaced with a much more sophisticated logo featuring an icon with the letters LP. It was then replaced with its current logo, a simple logo to represent the simplicity of the service the company offers to others while keeping its sophistication and creativity.


Here are the following series produced by Laugh productions:

# Series Name Premiere Date End Date Network
1 University Rockstars March 24, 2012 Present
Fanfic Channel
2 Kyle & Jane January 16, 2015 January 23, 2015
3 Rising Stars January 31, 2015 Present
4 Spy Teens February 28, 2015 Present
5 Behind The Desk March 16, 2015 Present
6 Bionic Son September 11, 2015 Present
7 Martian McGowan October 11, 2015 Present
8 Wizards in Training February 14, 2016 TBD
9 Hollywood Life March 19, 2016 TBD
10 Living The Life 2016 TBD
11 Double Trouble 2016 TBD