Nightblast is an upcoming superhero series, which is expected to premiere on ASM Network in the Fall 2015-2016 season. The series is set in the Wonder Cinematic Universe (WCU), sharing continuity with the films in the franchise, as well as another Wonder series, Mr. & Mrs. Agents. The series is produced by Aaron Moon. The first season will consist of 24 episodes.


After a near-death tragedy, a young and arrogant billionaire finds himself bestowed with great power, which he uses to help protect those he holds dearly from evil.

Cast and Characters


Ever since the beginning of the production of the WCU, Wonder has had some interest in bringing some of its ideas and existing characters into the tv series to further develop individual stories, which can not be attained in a film restricted to within 2 hours. In late 2014, during the development of the newly launched ASM Network, Wonder president, Aaron Moon, has introduced the idea of Wonder Television. The idea came to be a reality in the early 2015, where the first series, Mr. & Mrs. Agents, was being pitched in.

The series, however, was mainly focusing on COMBAT Agents, and Moon wanted a series where a super-powered hero can be developed and in the future, might be able to join the big heroes in the big screen. Nightblast went into development and a final script for the pilot was submitted. On June 4, 2015, ASM Network has already picked up the series for a 24-episode season, to premiere during the Fall 2015-2016 season. Moon then clarified that the character, Kyle Haddox, will not appear in any of the films of Phase 1.


The series has already cast its hero Kyle Haddox. Parker Young will play the young billionaire who becomes a superhero. It was also reported that Natalie Dormer is in talks with the studio for a possible role in the series. The studio is also courting Freddie Stroma for a role in the series, who is currently involved with a project with Fanfic for a film. On June 2015, Jensen Ackles joined the cast of Nightblast, as well as Nina Dobrev, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Joseph Marco. Tyler Shaw also signed on to the series.