Ryan Sill (born on May 13, 1994) is an american singer, best known for joining The Voice, being a member of Gwen Stefani's team.


Ryan grew up around music. His mom was an opera singer and gave vocal lessons in his home. Both of his sisters also sing. But Ryan did not get private lessons from his mom, Linda. Says Linda, smiling: “My daughter is an opera singer. I tried teaching her. It always ended up as a fight, so we don’t do that.” Though he had performed in choirs, Ryan went to James Madison University to study engineering. But he also joined an a cappella group that got more than 800,000 views on YouTube for its cover of “Titanium.” That convinced Ryan engineering wasn’t his first love; music is. Hence, The Voice. Ryan says he’s always performed in choirs and groups and that this marks his first venture as a solo artist.