Sean Melton is an American gymnast and student, and one of the first four talents of Star Quest. Melton's known as one of the original Star Quest talents and in the film The Guardians as one of the main members.

Early Life

Born on October 29, 1994, Sean Melton grew up in Orlando, Florida as a gymnast. Since 2001, Melton has been doing gymnastics, as well as his brother and sister. He have competed in many competitions and is part of the Men's national gymnastics team. Melton moved to Colorado Springs, CO where he continued his gymnastics.


Sean Melton is set to portray Noah Aldrich, one of the members of the Guardians in the film, "The Guardians". Melton plays a main character int he film and has signed on to do six more films with Wonder Studios. Before landing the role, Melton was one of the original talents in Star Quest by Fanfic Channel. Producer of Wonder Cinematic Universe wanted to introduce Star Quest talents to their films and Sean Melton was one of their top choices.

On August 2014, Sean Melton was announced to have a guest starring role in one of the upcoming episodes of the series, "A High School Rockstar". On November 2014, It was announced that Melton will be reprising his role on the planned sequel of "The Guardians".

On November 2014, Melton has extended his contract with the studio to a ten picture deal, one more than his co-star Bethany Mota. The studio only stated that Melton would appear as a major cameo role in one of the major films in Phase 1 in the Wonder Cinematic Universe.