The Semi-Finals Performance of the first season of ASM Network's Ultimate Performer, premiered on November 14, 2015, with a total of 15.87 million US viewers. The episode featured contestants Sam Concepcion, Ross Lynch, Heather Morris, Diego Boneta, Alex Gonzaga and Cody Christian.


Color Key

  •      - Eliminated
Sam Concepcion
Ross Lynch
Heather Morris
Diego Boneta
Alex Gonzaga
Cody Christian

Week Mechanics

During The Semi-Finals performance, each players will perform two solo songs each, similar to Week 12. However, in the Semi-finals, the four judges will not assign points for each of the players at the end of the episode. The players heading to finals will be determined through audience text votes, which will be opened when announced during the episode, and will be closed during the middle of the episode the next day, when the results will be announced. The bottom two would be eliminated and the safe four will head to the Finals. The Semi-Finals performances are filmed in the backlot of the Fanfic Studios, with a specially designed set for the distractions.

Featured Distractions

This is a list of distractions that appeared on the episode (Arranged in alphabetical order):

  • In The Cage (New) - The players have to perform their song while inside an enclosed cage. The cage is then placed in a safe enclosed area that has trained harmless animals to distract the players with their ferocious looks while performing, including lions, tigers, or gorillas. Only one type of animal is in the area at a time but can be many in count.
  • In The Water (New) - In The Water is similar to In The Cage, but instead of a cage, the players are half submerged in a wide tank filled with ocean creatures swimming around. The creatures are trained and harmless. It can include baby sharks, eels, harmless jellyfish, or manta rays.


Musical Performances

  • Sia ("Alive") and Rita Ora ("Coming Home")

Weekly Theme

  • Gender Bender - Male performers sing songs performed by female artists and Female performers sing songs performed by male artists.
Contestant(s) Song Distraction(s)
Round 1 - Solo
Sam Concepcion "Halo" In The Cage
Ross Lynch "Hello"
Heather Morris "Give Me Love"
Diego Boneta "I Will Always Love You"
Alex Gonzaga "All Of Me"
Cody Christian "Just a Fool"
Round 2 - Solo
Sam Concepcion "Girl Gone Wild" In The Water
Ross Lynch "Diamonds"
Heather Morris "Suit & Tie"
Diego Boneta "Pills & Potions"
Alex Gonzaga "Good Kisser"
Cody Christian "Try"