When your series have been approved and have been picked up for either Fanfic Channel or ASM Network, here are a few things to note, as well as all the pages required.


Each episodes for a series requires an individual page. The episode pages are only created once they are announced through the Monthly Programming Highlights.

Example: A High School Rockstar episodes 12, 13 and 14 is scheduled to air on January. Once these has been announced through the Programming Highlights, the pages for these episodes can be created. If episode 15 is premiering on February, then the page is not yet created, until it is formally announced.
The episode summary will also be updated only on the day that specific episode is to air.
Example: The episode summary for Episode 15 of A High School Rockstar will only be added to the page on the day of its premiere.
The title of episodes should be as follows: [Title/Name of Episode] ([Name of Series])
Example: Openings & Surprises (A High School Rockstar)
However, when creating a link on any page to direct to the episode pages, the series name need not appear, and can be edited by hovering over the link, and typing in the page of the link. For example, the title, Openings & Surprises, can link to Openings & Surprises (A High School Rockstar). Here are a list of requirements and headers that need to be present in all episode pages:

  1. Episode Infobox (Template:SubjectEpisode)
  2. Plot Header
  3. Summary Header (ONLY after the episode airs)
  4. Cast Header - Main Cast and Guest Stars (Sub-headers)
  5. Trivia (If Applicable)

The first line of the page includes a bold title, including the season it is in and the series it belongs to in italics with a link. It also needs to state the date it airs (if announced). Once aired, it can also state the number of viewers the specific episode received.

Example: Openings & Surprises is the first and premiere episode in Season 4 of A High School Rockstar. It aired on March 28, 2015, garnering a total of 7.58 million US viewers.
Once the requirements above are complete, the episode page is now ready to go live. Note: Not all information needs to be on the page, if not yet confirmed.