Star Quest is the training and management subsidiary of Craytel. It was launched to manage up and coming artist from around the globe, most of whom come from Social Media platforms like Youtube and Instagram. Formed in 2014, Star Quest artists undergo training in acting and personality development, before being cast in films and television series under Craytel, as well as other projects from other outlets.

Beginning on November 2017, Star Quest will also manage international artists for projects under Craytel.



Craytel President Colt Raytel formed the idea of forming a talent management that would utilize the talents of young up and coming artists from around the globe, as well as from different social media platforms. This was the beginning of Star Quest.

The management began scouting for artists through social media as well as through auditions. Currently, the management houses more than 50 artists that are part of Craytel films and programs.


There are three different units in the program, each headed by professionals: Acting, Singing and Modelling. Each Star Quest talent will go through Acting workshops, and also choose to do either Singing, Modelling or neither.

On November 2017, Craytel announced that Star Quest will also act as a talent agency for international artists that will be cast under Craytel projects, film or television. The artists will be split into four different categories: Media Artists, Teen Artists, Young Adult Artists and Adult Artists.

Media artists consist of those that come from Social Media while the other three (Teen, Young Adult and Adult) are established actors in their countries. Teens range from 13-19 year olds, Young Adult from 20-29 and Adults are 30 and above. Currently, Star Quests has artists from asian countries, mostly from the Philippines.

Star Quest Artists

Media Artists

Teen Artists

Teen artists range from 13 to 19 year olds.

Young Adult Artists

Young adult artists range from 20 to 29 year olds.

Adult Artists

Adult artists are 30 years old and up.