Steven Kreuger (born on May 25, 1989) is an American actor, best known for his role The Originals.


Steven Krueger was born in the small mid-western town of Appleton, WI. and spent his early childhood in Brookfield, a suburb of Milwaukee. After his parents' divorce at age 10 he moved with his mother and younger brother to Sarasota, FL.

As he entered his freshman year of high school, his mother insisted that he try acting. He was reluctant, but after his first day in Acting I, he knew his mother was right. He absolutely loved it. He began to immerse himself in extracurricular activities in the arts. Ultimately he graduated high school, choosing to attend the University of Virginia with an eye on law school.

Halfway through his first year at UVA, Steven's mother fell ill and passed away a month later. The entire family, including his father, agreed that allowing his Aunt and Uncle to become surrogates for him and his brother was the best solution. To this day, Steven treats his Aunt and Uncle as parents.