Vulture is an upcoming 2015 superhero film, and is the fourth film in the Wonder Cinematic Universe and in Phase 1. The film stars Mike Vogel, Emily Blunt, Sean Penn, Ryan Kwanten, Dylan Minette, Jamie Chung, Jensen Ackles, Jorge Garcia and Eva Green.


Captain Ethan Degorri of the US Military is called back to lead a team in Russia to retrieve an asset of the United States and gather intel on the rebel’s leader, Gregor Reznov. In the middle of a fight between the rebels and the military team, Ethan is wounded and captured by one of the scientists under Reznov becoming an experiment by the rebels where he is turned into a weapon. Ethan must now find a way to find and defeat Reznov before he launches a nuclear attack on four of the most powerful nations.


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The script was written by Emily Ashter, Theron Crews and Manuel Allman, and was first presented to producer, Aaron Moon, early 2014. The script was quickly approved following the tight schedule, but was tweaked once. The studio hired Reid Barlow to direct the film, and has been attached to the planned franchise since then.


Principal Photography began on November 2014 in Teriberka, Russia. Filming in Teriberka concluded early December 2014, and was resumed on January 20, 2015. Filming also took place at the Sayano-Sushenskaya Dam in Khakassia, Russia, where most of the fighting scenes took place. Filming also took place in Moscow. In April 3, 2015, the cast was reportedly seen filming around Denver, Colorado. Filming concluded at the Marin Corps Air Station El Toro in Orange County, California on May 4, 2015.