Week 2 of the first season of ASM Network's Ultimate Performer, premiered on August 29, 2015, with a total of 12.94 million US viewers. The episode featured contestants Jessica Sanchez, Steve Grand, Becca Tobin and Matt Cermanski.


Color Key

  •      - Week Winner
Contestant Points Cash Winnings
Jessica Sanchez 21 $6600
Steve Grand 23 $8600
Becca Tobin 28 $7800
Matt Cermanski 18 $7500

Featured Distractions

This is a list of distractions that appeared on the episode (Arranged in alphabetical order):

  • Bouncy House (New) - The contestants stand in the middle of an inflatable platform surrounded by small children jumping up and down.
  • Dodgeballoon (New)- The contestants each have six white targets around their body and six audience members are chosen to shoot colored water balloons using cannons onto the targets. The players are eliminated once all the targets have been marked with the colored balloons. The contestants win cash that accumulates in $100s every second they are not eliminated. The points are determined depending on who is eliminated first, with the last person standing receiving the four points.
  • Extreme Fan - The contestants perform a song while being blown by a powerful fan, all the while being thrown with random things like feathers, leaves, glitters, and even liquids like water, slime or other nasty liquids.
  • Feet In - The contestant perform while being guided through five platforms containing things like worms, cockroaches, eels, spoiled food, etc.
  • Jump-A-Cannon (New)- The contestants are attached to a harness that lets them jump up on trampolines high enough, and performs while three audience members are chosen to shoot them with plastic balls using three cannons.
  • Pop! (New) - Small balloons are attached to the contestant's body over a layer of protective gear, as they go through a maze of plastic cactus that is sharp enough to pop the balloons but safe enough to prevent harm to the contestants.
  • Water Mania (New) - While the contestant is performing, equipped with goggles, two audience members are chosen to aim hoses at the contestant which sprays colored water.


Color Key

  •      - Round Winner

Musical Performances

  • Kristin Chenoweth ("Popular") and Usher ("I Don't Mind")
Contestant(s) Song Distraction(s) Points
Round 1 - Solo
Jessica Sanchez "Bad Blood" Bouncy House 8
Steve Grand "Radioactive" Water Mania 8
Becca Tobin "Set Fire To The Rain" Jump-A-Cannon 14
Matt Cermanski "Have A Little Faith In Me" Pop! 10
Round 2 - Duets
Jessica Sanchez "Wherever You Will Go" Feet In 12
Steve Grand 11
Becca Tobin "Sweater Weather" Extreme Fan 11
Matt Cermanski 6
Round 3 - Group
Jessica Sanchez "Ain't No Mountain

High Enough"

Dodgeballoon 1
Steve Grand 4
Becca Tobin 3
Matt Cermanski 2

Judges Points

The following shows the allocation points by the judges in the first two rounds to each contestants.

Contestant(s) Jessie J Usher Kristin C Luke B Total
Round 1
Jessica Sanchez 2 1 3 2 8
Steve Grand 3 3 1 1 8
Becca Tobin 4 2 4 4 14
Matt Cermanski 1 4 2 3 10
Round 2
Jessica Sanchez 3 4 4 1 12
Steve Grand 4 2 3 2 11
Becca Tobin 2 3 2 4 11
Matt Cermanski 1 1 1 3 6