Week 3 of the first season of ASM Network's Ultimate Performer, premiered on September 5, 2015, with a total of 12.56 million US viewers. The episode featured contestants Sarah Geronimo, Sam Tsui, Christina Grimmie and Ross Lynch.


Color Key

  •      - Week Winner
Contestant Points Cash Winnings
Sarah Geronimo 23 $6700
Sam Tsui 19 $5300
Christina Grimmie 22 $3400
Ross Lynch 26 $8200

Featured Distractions

This is a list of distractions that appeared on the episode (Arranged in alphabetical order):

  • Around The Room (New) - The player has to perform inside a revolving room, made from a hydraulic boxed set, often decorated with a bedroom setting or a living room setting. The set pieces are all made of styrofoam for safety precautions.
  • Boxed Head - Contestants place their heads from the chest up in a transparent box with enclosed tops as they perform, with the hosts placing different live insects and animals inside the box.
  • Slip 'N Sing (New)- While standing on an inflatable platform, covered in slipper oil and water, the player has to perform while trying to keep his/her balance as he/she slips on the slippery surface of the platform.
  • Snakes in a Tank - The contestant is lowered using a harnessed chair down onto a tank of water, which is then filled with different types of harmless snakes.
  • Spinning Platform - The contestants are on a circular platform that spins with ten levels of difficulty, depending on the speed that ranges from 1 to 10. The contestants also win cash that accumulates in $100s as the platform spins and $1000s as the level changes by 1. The points are determined depending on who falls off first, with the last person standing receiving the four points.
  • Water Mania - While the contestant is performing, equipped with goggles, two audience members are chosen to aim hoses at the contestant which sprays colored water.
  • Wind Tunnel (New) - The contestant enters and performs inside an enclosed transparent glass box, that has a fan underneath that blows extreme air upwards.


Color Key

  •      - Round Winner

Musical Performances

  • Fifth Harmony ("Worth It")
Contestant(s) Song Distraction(s) Points
Round 1 - Solo
Sarah Geronimo "Lips Are Movin" Wind Tunnel 10
Sam Tsui "We Found Love" Slip 'N Sing 8
Christina Grimmie "Single Ladies" Snakes in a Tank 9
Ross Lynch "Locked Out of Heaven" Water Mania 13
Round 2 - Duets
Sarah Geronimo "A Thousand Years" Boxed Head 10
Sam Tsui 9
Christina Grimmie "(I've Had) The

Time of My Life"

Around The Room 12
Ross Lynch 9
Round 3 - Group
Sarah Geronimo "I Love It" Spinning Platform 3
Sam Tsui 2
Christina Grimmie 1
Ross Lynch 4

Judges Points

The following shows the allocation points by the judges in the first two rounds to each contestants.

Contestant(s) Jessie J Usher Kristin C Luke B Total
Round 1
Sarah Geronimo 1 3 2 4 10
Sam Tsui 4 1 1 2 8
Christina Grimmie 2 2 4 1 9
Ross Lynch 3 4 3 3 13
Round 2
Sarah Geronimo 3 2 3 2 10
Sam Tsui 4 1 1 3 9
Christina Grimmie 2 4 2 4 12
Ross Lynch 1 3 4 1 9