Wizards in Training is an American teen sitcom, developed for Craytel Channel. It is created by Colt Raytel and Dustin Croshaw, and executive produced by Harrison Chen and Elli Herberg. It stars Austin North, Kenny Leu, Brianne Tju, Benny Feng, JT Neal, Tim Kang and Ashley Cusato.

The series was picked up on November 14, 2015, with 24 episodes. On November 26, 2015, it was announced that the series will premiere on February 14, 2016.


Ross Palmer is an ordinary teenager who moves to an upscale penthouse in Manhattan with his mother Jessica Lee, to move in with his stepfather Terrence Lee and three step-siblings Acker, Raye and Edwin. Ross' life starts to get interesting when he finds a hidden lair in the penthouse elevator filled with magic artifacts and spell books, discovering that Terrence and his three siblings are wizards who are currently training to get a handle on their magical powers. With a new friend, Zain, to help him get used to the life in the Big Apple, Ross starts to settle in. As Ross figures out a way to keep their family secret to stay a secret, Acker, Raye and Edwin help him understand more about the world of Magic and the fun and trouble it can bring.

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The series is filmed on set at Fanfic Studios in Stage 5B. Each episode is filmed for one week, and is filmed one month before its air date. Production began on the first week of January 2016.


The series is to be broadcasted in high-definition on Craytel Channel. The series will air on Sundays.