Wonder Studios is an American motion picture studio based at the Craytel Studios as Burbank, California. It is a subsidiary of Craytel Studios, which is a division of Craytel. Wonder is known for producing a multi franchise of superhero films sharing a universe, the Wonder Cinematic Universe.


Launch 2014

During the process of planning a shared universe of superhero films, the films were intended to be produced under Craytel's Craytel Studios. This caused many projects to be turned down in order to give way for the multi franchise films to move on with its production. However, the opportunity to open up a new studio finds its way to President of Craytel, Colt Raytel. This was the start of the company's transition, launching a third division of the company, Wonder Entertainment, with its subsidiary being Wonder Studios. All planning for the Cinematic Universe was shifted from the responsibility of Craytel Studios all the way to Wonder.

Colt Raytel held the position of president for the studio, while also being the head executive producer for the entire cinematic universe franchise. By 2014, almost three films have been produced by the studio, with one, The Guardians, having premiered with a box office of over $790 million worldwide. The success brought the attention of the studio to quickly produce more of the films earlier, with the universe franchise having been planned to as far back as 2023.

On December 2015, it was revealed that Wonder Studios have been placed as a unit of Craytel Studios, opposed to being under the independent division of Craytel, Wonder Entertainment.


  • Colt Raytel
    • Wonder Studios President - April 2014 to present
  • Elaine Crest
    • Wonder Studios Vice President - April 2014 to present